Winden purchases  silver and gold from a select few suppliers.

Our supplier based in Virginia has been committed to conserving energy and re-using materials for over 100 years. They do not purchase mined metals; over half of their metal supply comes entirely from scrap metal purchased from jewelers. The remainder comes from other refineries that also recycle scrap metal. Because of the size of this company they are able to go through the SCS certification process each year, guaranteeing that their precious metals are 100% recycled. We are really excited to be working with this particular company as they are the world's greenest refiner, and clearly make their environmental impact a top priority. This awesome business is also the source of most of our recycled and conflict free diamonds. In addition to that, we are able send them our scrap metal and any recyclable fine jewelry that we acquire to have the metal and stones reclaimed to be repurposed. 

We also purchase gold chain and select findings from a small family-run business in New York City's Diamond District. They work with extremely small companies that recycle gold mainly for economic reasons. Because of the size of these refiners and manufacturers, they are unable to certify their materials as 100% recycled. You will find that some product descriptions label the material used as "recycled" verses "certified recycled". While we prefer to use certified recycled metal, we are also committed to helping sustain small businesses that may be unable to to afford what can be a prohibitively expensive certification process. 

Our cast pieces are also made by a small family-run business in New York City's Diamond District. While they also use recycled metals, much like our other small gold supplier, they are too small of a company to go through the recycled material certification process. Currently, sustainability is a word rarely heard in the Diamond District. We are pleased to have found several companies that meet our standards and we hope that the jewelry manufacturing industry will continue to move in a sustainable and environmentally friendly direction.